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Our company is different. We are aiming for no less than protecting the health of the land, its flora and fauna, and the humans that inhabit it. We work closely with our residential, institutional, and business clients to create environmentally responsible, innovative, and beautiful solutions, all contributing to a local network of healthy, nurturing natural spaces.

Landscaping is one of the tools we use to realize this vision, but we are much more than a landscaping company. We are habitat designers and landscape architects, builders, environmentalists, preservationists, and naturalists. Each outdoor space we create is unique to its intended use and surroundings, and is designed to bring people outdoors, to connect with nature. 

We are committed to using locally sourced materials and native plants, which can withstand new climate realities and need less watering than nonnatives. Our certified arborists use natural methods to improve the health of a tree, cutting it down only when it can’t or shouldn’t be saved. Our unique, chemical-free tree, plant, and lawn health care program protects children, pets, and wildlife from the dangers of noxious chemicals by substituting safe, effective natural products. We only use vinegar to kill weeds, and when we use mulch, it is organic leaf mulch. We encourage our clients to substitute “green mulch,” which is the use of desirable plants to outcompete weeds. For insect control, we use natural products such as essential oils, diatomaceous earth, and insecticidal soap, which are very safe and specific to their intended targets. 

An important part of our work is educating our clients and community about the many benefits of pesticide- and herbicide-free native landscaping, and about the dangers of using exotic, potentially invasive species. We can help with the transition to safer, more cost effective and environmentally friendly property maintenance. The rewards are readily apparent—outdoor spaces that are alive with butterflies, birds, and bees; yards and playgrounds that our children and pets can play in safely—oases that are in harmony with their surroundings. 


— Our Natural Plant Health Care Program —


Plants and trees do best in their native locales, but too much or not enough water, heat, depleted soil, age, crowding, and other stressors can affect the health of even the hardiest specimens. Our Tree and Plant Health Care experts diagnose, treat and, most importantly, prevent plant and tree ailments without the use of chemical pesticides, fertilizers, or other harmful treatments. Our organic, effective recipes use essential oils, baking soda, and soap to treat disease; compost tea and other organic products for strengthening immune systems and fertilization; deer, mole, and vole repellants; soil drenches; property-wide tick and mosquito control; and insect infestations on trees and plants, including the increasingly alarming Spotted Lantern Fly.


Our chemical-free health care program extends to lawns as well. Our lawn-care packages can improve the health and appearance of your lawn while keeping it safe for humans, pets, and wildlife. We use horticultural vinegar, corn gluten meal, and other proven methods to first kill broadleaf weeds, then prevent new ones from sprouting, and finally to strengthen the grass itself so that it can become thick and lush, outcompeting the weeds. Although our petroleum-free lawn-mowing program is limited to Doylestown Borough, an important part of our lawn-care program is educating property owners about improved lawn-mowing practices—an important component of lawn health.


—  WHAT some nice people say about us  —

Matt Benzie has added a patio to our side yard which is very unique and beautiful! We love it and enjoy spending time on it in the warm weather. He is also an arborist and does a great job trimming our trees so they stay healthy! Matt is very professional and is a pleasure to work with. He is extremely personable and he also brings his very friendly lab, Shadow, which is a treat for us! We truly recommend Matt for your landscaping and tree projects!
— Carol and Gerry Brown, Google
I have worked with Matt on several landscaping projects and it has truly been a pleasure. Matt has that rare combination of technical expertise, aesthetics and professionalism that is all too uncommon in this industry. And if all that weren’t enough, he is simply an all-round nice guy and very easy to work with! I value his judgment and count on his recommendations to improve the health and looks of our property. Honestly I cannot imagine working with anyone else. I recommend him highly.
— Shiv Raman, Google
Matt is a great guy, and he does excellent work. I recommend him 100%.
— Tim Carter, FB
Matt was super easy to work with. He is very creative and thought outside of the box. I loved that he was very knowledgeable about native plant species and created a design that worked with our natural landscape. Matt was also very aware of our budget which we appreciated. We are thrilled with the work that he did for us!
— Sarah Cornwell, Google
After meeting with several landscape companies to replace a deteriorating row of privacy shrubs/trees, we met with Indigenous Ingenuities through a friend’s recommendation and hired them on the spot. Their creative vision and commitment to native varieties of plants truly set them apart from the competition, thus the advantage of being landscape architects. Being so pleased with the results of that project, we have since been working with Ind-Ing on an overall master plan for our entire property, to be completed in phases coinciding with exterior renovations.
— Ryan Deskins, Google
Matt Benzie at Indigenous Ingenuities created and completed a gorgeous flagstone design for my front patio.  He worked diligently to complete the project and overcame all obstructions that happened to have popped up.  Matt understood that I did not want to waste some of the old brick from my original patio and found some clever ways to incorporate the brick into my new patio design.  He also provided me with ideas of what to plant around the area and additional work I could do (or hire him) to bring the front yard and patio together with a consistent flow of structure and vegetation.  I like to do work for myself around the house, but would hire Matt back anytime for his expertise and creativity.
— Jeff Spear, Google
Matt Benzi took the time to listen to our ideas and make recommendations that he thought would be great functional landscape design. He drew the design and let us look up the plants to ensure that he was on the right track. The design, the service, the politeness of his staff and the end result were all awesome. Highly Recommend!
— Karen McCloskey, Google
We have twice used Matt Benzie and Indigenous Ingenuities for projects at our home in Doylestown, for replacement of the front walkway and for a new driveway. Very satisfied with both. Matt and his crew did quality work at a reasonable price, and Matt has an excellent sense of the materials and design that are aesthetically right for the particular site.
— Scott Nichols, Google
We’ve been thrilled with everything they’ve done, the bluestone walkway up to our porch in particular. Not every outfit has all of the skills this place does, and they’re very reasonable. Highly recommended.
— Tom Wyckoff, Google
Matt has worked on my property installing a beautiful flagstone patio and rock retention wall. He does excellent work and is easy to collaborate with to meet the your vision.
— Jeff Spear, Google
Matt … and crew are transforming my home landscape with a Natural Gardening approach. Using natives will attract and feed the things I love to watch: hummingbirds, Monarch butterflies and all the bugs that beautiful birds love to eat. I am so glad I found this company and, beyond being environmentally responsible, the work they do is beautiful!
— Melissa McDonagh, Google
Matt, … and their knowledgeable team are an exceptional group who care about eco-friendly designs and worked diligently to formulate a vision for our landscaping plan. Their attention to detail was impressive and were very accommodating, while offering wonderful stonework ideas and solutions to aid run-off from the rear of our home. They were the first company we contacted and we decided to use their services immediately. We are glad we did!
— Timothy Harriman, Google
I hired Indigenous Ingenuities in the fall of 2016. My project was quite extensive and was going to be done in 2 phases. Matt Benzie was full of great ideas, knowledge of native plants and a passion for this project that was contagious. In fact, I was already asked to participate in the local garden tour in our township! Looking forward to the spring and watching the fruits of his hard work and great ideas come to life.
— Kim King, Houzz