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Our name embodies our values and our mission. We find creative, locally focused ways to help people thrive outdoors. We live where we work, and the plants, stone, and other materials we use are all locally sourced. We design and install beautiful, natural parks, playgrounds, woodland trails, meadows, garden beds, landscapes big and small, pools, green roofs, urban forests, farmsteads, and much more. We help our clients with water management, restoring stream banks; building rain gardens, bioswales, and bridges; stopping erosion; and harnessing runoff. We use native stone to create patios, walkways, outdoor rooms, and retaining walls.

Our low impact, petroleum free lawn mowing program is hyperlocal, servicing only those areas in Doylestown we can reach with a bicycle towing battery-powered mowers and other equipment, with zero emissions and no noise. For those who are out of our lawn-mowing range, we offer no-mow grass, a lovely way to significantly reduce mowing.

We teach our clients, our neighbors, and our community how to live more naturally by sharing our infectious enthusiasm for what we do. Our projects are living illustrations of our vision, showing how thinking creatively and acting locally can produce amazing results.


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Finished Spaces is the custom carpentry division of Indigenous Ingenuities. Combining these two companies has expanded our capacity to blend hand-built structures with landscaping to create cohesive, beautiful outdoor spaces.

Jake Borden is heading this division as construction supervisor/project manager. Jake was born and raised in Doylestown and now lives in a house he and his wife completely gutted and renovated in Bucks County. He enjoys the creativity and transformative power of carpentry, as well as the details he builds into his work. He particularly loves working with wood because of its organic nature and varying characteristics—and what could be more natural than the inclusion of wood in the creation of spaces meant to bring people outdoors. Decks, sheds, pergolas, fences, plant walls, blinds, railings, and porches are just some of the elements Finished Spaces can create for your space.

Fine indoor carpentry is is how Finished Spaces got its start, and Jake will work his magic on your indoor spaces as well.

In all his projects, Jake first asks clients to find what inspires them—then his imagination goes to work to find a solution that is unique to each client. Here are some examples of the art of Finished Spaces.



Even natural gardens full of native plants and trees require maintenance. We help our customers maintain their properties with a full-range of maintenance services, including spring cleanup and bed preparation, mulching, watering, fall leaf cleanup, organic pest and disease prevention and control, tree health care and pruning, lawn care and renovation, and even snow removal. 

Birds and the wind often bring unwanted, and possibly invasive, species into our  carefully planned landscapes. And some native plants are more prolific than others. Our maintenance services include removal of invasive and overly aggressive species, as well as rebalancing gardens as they mature.